Workplace Health and Safety

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Assessment Tasks

Self Check activities

The following self check activities are available to complete in your e-learning Training room. For anyone needing the scorm package to upload into blackboard the zip files can be downloaded from the following links.


ABC Australian WHS Report 2008

Sixty minutes video

"Wake-up Call"

Youtube videos

Young worker safety (govt site)
Victorian Worksafe Ad (govt site)
Victorian Worksafe Ad 2 (govt site)
Office Ergonomics | permission
Repetitive Strain Injury | permission
Workstation ergonomics
Triceps stretches | permission
Neck stretches | permission
Forearm stretches | permission
How to give CPR on an adult (government site)
Young workers ( British Columbia worksafe government site )

Internet links

SA Worksafe site
Passport to Safety
NSW Workcover
Victorian Worksafe
The law and work experience students Stress management Interactive tutorials
Interactive ergonomics tutorial
Space age workstation
Virtual office
Queensland Health and Safety website
Virtual Hotel
Virtual Supermarket
Hunt the Hazards
Virtual Kitchen
Select: First Aid Hints This site gives you emergency information
Workplace Health and Safety Student Program
Occupational Health and Safety (Commonwealth Employment) Act 1991 (Cwlth)
Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 (Qld)