Workplace Health and Safety

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Lesson 8: The process of risk management

Carrying out a risk assessment

LRisk Assessment

Once a hazard has been identified it is necessary to carry out a risk assessment. This involves analysing the hazard to determine its potential severity and the risk that it presents. Once this is done, priorities for action can be set and the most appropriate control measures determined.

A risk assessment should include:

Deciding on control measures

Hazard control measures are put into place once the risk assessment has been completed. These measures must:


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Implementing the control measures

Once appropriate control measures have been determined, the employer should implement these as soon as possible. If the control measures are not implemented, employees should discuss the matter with the employer. If the measures are still not implemented, employees should notify Workplace Health and Safety in the Department of Industrial Relations.

Monitoring and reviewing the control measures


Once the control measures have been implemented, they should be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they are effective in controlling the risks.

A risk management process can help to control hazards in the workplace. However, it is still important to remember that safety at work is everyone’s concern.

Occupational health and safety depends on having:

1. The right attitude

2. The right equipment

3. The right procedures.

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