Workplace Health and Safety

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Lesson 4: Responsibilities of employees

According to the Act, as an employee, it is your responsibility to be careful not to put other workers or yourself in any danger because of your actions (or lack of action). Your actions, must contribute to the occupational health and safety of your workplace. As an employee, you are responsible for:

As an employee, you have a responsibility to follow best work practices to protect yourself and others.


Rights of employees

Employees also have certain rights under the Act. These include the right to:

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Cooperation between employers and employees

Occupational health and safety legislation encourages employers and employees to cooperate and work together to ensure safe and healthy work environments. The legislation emphasizes that both groups are responsible for implementing occupational health and safety in the workplace.

Employers and employees can work as partners to ensure health and safety in the workplace by jointly:

Read Safety rules policy

Go to the Safework SA Government workplace site and read through the following Bullying in the workplace (employees) | Bullying responsibilities of Employers


Other people’s responsibilities


The Act states that, besides employers and employees, other people or organisations are responsible for ensuring occupational health and safety standards are followed.

For example:

Their legal obligations are to:

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