Workplace Health and Safety

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Lesson 9: Policies and Procedures


You should now understand that health and safety in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility and that there is a risk- assessment process that should be followed to identify, assess and control hazards in the workplace determined.

In most workplaces, groups of employees, management and union representatives jointly develop occupational health and safety policies and procedures. Training will often be provided as part of the policy so that all staff are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

You should make yourself familiar with policies and procedures for occupational health and safety in your workplace.

WHS representatives, officers, committees, rehabilitation coordinator.

While workplace health and safety is everyone’s responsibility in the workplace, there are certain workers who hold key positions in this area. Here you will learn about the role and functions of:

WHS team

Every workplace has to provide for workers return to the workplace following injury. The following videos deal with the process and the stories of some of these workers.

Go to the tools section. Create a blog (What is a blog?) entry of approx 100 words to reflect on your learnings about OHS this week.

Go to the chat area. In your group decide how you would respond to the emergency given. When you have decided on an action plan, check the correct procedures in Lesson 10. Evaluate your strategies to complete a final action response plan.

Read the minutes of the meeting. (Complete task and drop into the digital dropbox )

Complete Task 5

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